DJ Pyro

Pyro has been dancing in one form or another since he was brought to his first underground warehouse event in Philadelphia in 1999, where he fell in love with electronic dance music. A serendipitous meeting in 2007 on the playa at Black Rock City drew him into the blues and partner dance world, initiating a vibrant dance connection in 2008. Since that time, he has traveled to danced, and DJ'ed all over the USA. While his roots are in electronica, he aims to bring a variety of sounds to all his sets, with a general theme of music being ethereal, emotional, and uplifting, and the goal of every set to give every dancer feeling like they just experienced something epic. He also strives for variety to keep dancers on their toes, and to encourage the creativity and experimentation that continues to push fusion dance into the future.

IG @pyrofusiondancer

DJ Pyro Sample Sets:
Micro Fusion

DJ PatHaugen

With a current focus on micro events at his dance space FlowState.Studio in Los Angeles, Patrick has been DJing and teaching dance styles from ballet to fusion for over 20 years in festivals and venues primarily in the USA with a few guest spots globally. Be prepared for some tasty gooey vibes be it his DJ sets or multi-course dinners in LA.

"Patrick is an LA-based DJ who specializes in downtempo and fusion music. He is known for his dreamy and hypnotic melodies that are combined with a driving beat. His music features deep and dark basslines that create tension and add to the storytelling aspect of his sets. Patrick’s style is versatile, sometimes playing high energy and other times downtempo. His music is deep, syrupy, and mostly dark." - FlowState.Studio

IG @pathaugen

DJ PatHaugen Sample Sets:
Micro Fusion | Macro Fusion

DJ Elliot

Elliot Adams is dancer rooted in solo & social improvisation based in Long Beach, CA. Elliot’s foundation for dance was fostered by their training in college, with their studies emphasizing choreographic composition and movement generation. After acclimating back into the fusion scene over the last year, Elliot is ready to begin sharing the music they’ve been sitting on. Elliot hopes to craft sets that are steeped in possibility, nuance, and satisfying grit that allow the floor space to find a soft embrace or euphorically stomp out every 32nd count.

IG @Vast_Container

DJ Arman

Arman started in Blues about 10-12 years ago and incorporates elements of Micro and Contact improv into his dances.


DJ Arman Sample Sets:
FlowState Cyberpunk 10/21/2023

DJ Bo Wang

Hi everyone, my name is Bo, the founder of Angel City Fusion. I have been dancing fusion for more than 15 years and DJing for 6 years. My music range is broad, including acoustic, pop, hip-pop, EDM, and etc. I want dancers to experience different emotions with my music on the dance floor!

IG @bowangusa

DJ Travis Ladner

Travis began DJing fusion events in 2018, motivated by a desire to play music that not only resonates with dance floors but also offers the thrill of a first-time listen. With each set, he aims to interweave beloved fusion hits with fresh, lesser-known tracks. For those who find themselves on a dance floor curated by Travis, they can anticipate a varied musical landscape that spans uplifting, groove-infused pop, nostalgia-inducing alternative, exotic and experimental soundscapes, as well as emotionally charged, cinematic compositions.


DJ Travis Ladner Sample Sets:
SoundCloud - FallSpectrum

DJ Ellie

Ellie is a Gollum-esque creature rumored to dwell in caves and under bridges around LA. She has a highly successful career yelling at tourists and clouds. It is rumored that she is the nepo spawn of Johnny Depp and a Night Hag, but those who dare whisper of it are dragged under the depths of Disneyland, never to be seen again. Her dancing could best be described as a series of ominous clicks and twitches. Do not look her directly in the eye.


DJ Zee

Alex Ziegler fell in love with fusion at the original Angel City Fusion in 2013. With a background in blues, modern, swing, American vernacular and contemporary dance, fusion taps into her vast dance and music vocabulary, influencing their DJing and instruction. When she’s not dancing the night away, she’s at the gym training for aerial acrobatics.

IG @alexthezieg

DJ Jaxx

DJ Jaxx made their fusion debut at FlowState.Studio and has been DJing events in California and Oregon.

IG @itsmedjjaxx

DJ Jasmine

Hailing from San Francisco, loving squishy micro tunes (and cats) Jasmine Dixon is rolling out the red carpet for you straight to the dance floor.


DJ Val

DJ Val from Sacramento, CA spins Fusion and Tango beats.

IG @spellbound_ropes

DJ Jaxx

DJ Jaxx made their fusion debut at FlowState.Studio and has been DJing events in California and Oregon.

IG @itsmedjjaxx

DJ Jules

Dancer and music fanatic, Jules has been part of the fusion community for several years. She loves nothing more than to share her passion through music and dance expression. Jules loves to travel and spread her love of the arts and is often DJing in the LA and Austin areas with the hope to explore more places soon.

IG @jules_bernadette

DJ Jana

DJ Jana is an incredible teacher and DJ who runs Austin Fusion Festival in Texas and had also created Metro Fusion in LA.

"Jana sees social dance as an opportunity to create art and community. She hopes to bring people together through her events, and to give people a safe place to express themselves through movement. She is very grateful for all the love and support she’s received in this community and for the opportunity to give that back."

IG @janajoy_94

DJ Camille

DJ Camille spins Fusion beats.


DJ Crystal

DJ Crystal from Los Angeles, CA spins Fusion beats.


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DJ Christophe

DJ Christophe from San Francisco spins Fusion beats.

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DJ Yasss

DJ Yasss from Los Angeles, CA spins Fusion beats.


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DJ Wow

DJ Wow from Los Angeles, CA spins Fusion beats.