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01/01 Open Mic-ro Dance & Show

Come and kick off the New Year with an open mic variety show followed by a micro dance!

πŸ’­ Is it your new year's resolution to share your singing, dancing, music, poetry, stand-up comedy, burlesque, storytelling, or other talent on stage?

πŸ’­ Do you desire to be seen and celebrated for courageously sharing your creative gifts in front of an audience?

πŸ’­ Are you excited to start off 2023 with more dancing and connection in your life?

πŸ’­ Does the idea of dancing slower, subtler, sweeter, softer, and smaller make you smile?

❀️ If you felt a "yes" in your heart, then this event is perfect for you!

Snaps in place of cheers and applause - quiet encouragement and kudos appreciated πŸ’•

Info for performers:

βœ… The overall vibe of the night will trend towards touching, tender, and thought-provoking.

❎ Acts that are high energy, high volume, or high intensity are not ideal for this show.

πŸ’‘ If your act tends to be "big, bold, or boisterous," we invite you to challenge yourself to create a "subtle, soft, or sweet" version of your act to share at this event.

⭐️ The show is limited to 12 acts.

⭐️ Up to 8 acts can apply to pre-register, if the act is deemed appropriate for the setting, your spot will be guaranteed in the show.

⭐️ A minimum of 4 slots will be reserved for same-day sign ups to perform, please arrive at 8:30pm to sign up for a same-day performance slot.

Due to limitations on venue size and features, some acts may not be suitable (eg. fire arts, animal acts, partner dance with high lifts, or acts that require more than 30 seconds total to set up and clear the stage). To apply to pre-register your act, please message Patrick Haugen or FlowState Studio with the following information:

- Name or type of act
- Name(s) of performer(s)
- Duration of act (2-5 minutes)
- General description
- Optional media (video or photos) of the performer(s)/performance, and an explicit Yes or No if this media can be shared publicly to promote your act at the event

01/13 Fusion the 13th: Movie & Micro Focus

The First Friday the 13th in 2023? Celebrate with a spooky movie and fusion @ FlowState.Studio!

Come and embrace the Friday the 13th vibe with a spooky movie and dancing with goth or light costumes encouraged.

Bringing someone new? Be their event Sherpa and help guide them into the event! Coming alone? Make sure to friend/message the host on FB / IG / WhatsApp or post in the FB event to help guide you in if it's your first time @ FlowState.Studio

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